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Top Trends In Marketing Automation To Look Out For In 2018

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we have witnessed some notable changes globally in the past couple of years. The biggest economy in the world got celebrated President, digital money (cryptocurrency) skyrocketed in value after almost a decade, the world saw its first robo-citizen in Saudi Arabia, and AI & automation delved deeper into our daily lives as well as businesses among many other developments. And as per experts, 2018 wouldn’t be any different! This year would be a great spin in the marketing industry with automation being the big daddy. It is estimated that the global marketing automation software market would be a US$ 5.5 billion industry by 2019 growing at a CAGR of 8.55%. This year is going to be all about personalization, engagement, and digital connectivity. According to some experts, businesses and specifically modern age marketers are expected to spend US$ 32 billion on marketing automation software in 2018. This outlines the scale of MarTech in the coming times …

8 Tips To Take Your Email Marketing To The Next Level

So let’s start from the beginning. You find yourself wanting to send an email campaign about your latest product launch or a promotion of your existing product. You have your email database in hand and you want to reach your customers faster. And a second before you hit the send button you have a few concerns on how well the millennial will respond to this called ‘best strategy’. Well, the best thing that could happen is that you hopefully, reach your target. The worst? You end up under the watch of a blacklisting organization!!! “Best results” at optimal cost is the lifeline that any business holds onto very dearly. So why make an exception with your digital marketing when you can follow the below decoded praxis to keep you close to your optimum results. Ask for Opt-ins to milk your cash cow: A list just obtained from any third party might not always be tailored for you and the risks of you marked as spam increases if you do not use a ‘Permission-based’ list. To make sure that all y…

Create An Action Oriented SMS Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Today’s competitive market makes it imperative for a business to be flexible in adapting to the rapid evolution of marketing channels and best practices. By developing and establishing a well considered strategy, an organization can scale up its business by targeting the right audience and engaging them well with a curated mix of resources. SMS as a medium has proved time and again its mettle for doing wonders for a business if used correctly. In this survival of the fittest scenario progressive companies are leveraging the power of SMS and standing out using our intelligence and experience. Did you ask for tips?
Keep the SMS short and on point! The magic number of 160 dictates for every character to be used wisely. In the age of decreasing attention spans, avoid writing out elaborate texts. Write as much as much as required and as short as possible to keep both your customers and your pockets happy.
Maintain a database to know your audience Create a reliable database entailing custo…

How to Become a Digital Marketing Expert?

Thinking to become a Digital Marketing expert? But how to start? From where to start? Why some marketers are at the top of the ladder and you are struggling at step one? What’s the secret? Well… You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great! Before we can get onto ‘how can you become a Digital Marketing Expert?’, let’s explore the WHY. Why become a Digital Marketing Expert? Digital Marketing is one of the booming industries right now. With 40% growth rate, people are attracted to this industry. However, it is best when it’s done in-house and that’s why Digital Marketers are in-demand all over the world these days.
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How Can I Become a Digital Marketing Expert? Thinking about becoming an Online Marketing expert might make you wonder which is the best way to do it. There are Digital Marketing …